A few Devon snaps

Sometimes we fool ourselves thinking we are up to date and connected with the people we were once close to due to facebook and all our social media sites but there is nothing like a proper catch up (face to face!) over long walks, pub lunches and numerous cuppa's! That's why I decided to jump on a train Devon bound to catch up with old chums C&C. Oh and not forgetting the cutie pie Eleanor who has grown into a little strong minded person! How time flies. One thing that hasn't changed is our love for afternoon tea, so the first thing we did was head over to a cute village called Burford for cream tea at The copper kettle.  

Burford is your classic english village and made me realise that it's been way too long since I had dragged myself away from the smoke. We roamed in and out trinket shops and museums until we found thee pub with thee pie! Wow this pie was immense. I can still taste it now. It was so lovely to get a decent Sunday lunch though. I really cant seem to find a decent Sunday roast in London! Please share if you have...

Picnics in Exmoor watching little Ellie splash around in the lake is what its all about! Bless her she hated us for dunking her in but soon got used to it! Have you been to Exmoor? Its something about the rugged natural beauty to the place that brings you straight back down to earth. It was so peaceful. After my trip to Thailand, Devon with its cosy pubs and wholesome food nursed me and my dodgy tummy back to life :) 

Well a trip to Devon is not complete without 'real devon icecream' from Tiverton. Butterscotch too - nom nom. 

If it's been too long since you picked up the phone to your school friends as you're 'busy', or made that long train journey to your grand parents who live in the outer Hebrides. Suck it up and go and see them. Make memories. Make a surprise visit?

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