Royal Albert Tea Tour

Lotti really does love London. For little things like this! A random trip after work over to a central London park to visit Royal Albert's afternoon tea tour! It is free which was lovely and money you donate goes towards breast cancer research. We arrived there really late so luckily convinced the staff for one last tray of macaroons and brew of tea. 

They have two more stops to make this Summer in their cute polka dot van so if you're free this/next weekend try pop along, donate some money and enjoy the vintagey inspired afternoon tea with a loved one. Click here for the dates and locations. I might try and go to another because it was so damn cute so let me know if you can make one of the dates! I'd be over the moon to have a chat with a fellow blogger and take a few more snaps - phone camera not the best!

The new summer range is adorable don't you think? I had to buy this one. I did ban myself from buying another tea cup...oops. Charity donations I can bend the rules. Take a look at the Royal Albert website if you're unable to make the tour and would like your own perfect teacup. Their website is so creative and worth a visit anyway!

Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend. Be back soon to share some new London gems, new purchases and new bakes for you to try.  

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La Vie Est Belle

Its been an organising sort my life out day today. It all started with Francesca passing me her gorge bedside table to make some room. Funny where we get our inspiration from sometimes! So I cleaned, categorised and actually hung the heap of clothes that's been piling up not just in the corner of my room but also in my mind. Now, strangely I feel like a new woman! Just because I separated my lipsticks from my eye make up and moved items around slightly...?!

I have put my Auntie's card pride and place next to my new Hydrangeas!

Oh and my three favourite perfumes. I thought you might like to try these. Tom Ford's Black Orchid is a perfect perfume for an evening out. It's like all of Tom Ford's scents, it's deep and musky. It lasts for more than a couple of hours which I find is rare. The smell instantly makes me feel like dressing up and going out on a date :). Ellie Saab is an every day perfume. Not too sweet. I wear this  most days. My new favourite perfume at the moment is La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. It's a sweet feminine scent that I can't help but drown myself in. If you like those sweet perfumes, almost smelling like a bag of pick n mix you'll love this one. 

I found a box of fancy chocolates under my bed that I somehow didn't devour within 24 hours. Result! I am sure these were my Valentines gift this year. Still yummy so don't judge. 

What's your plans this weekend? Are you the same? Do you feel a million times better if you shuffle and re organise your bedroom/desk etc? It's one of those summer eve's we keep getting and all of my fav songs like this keep coming on the radio and I think I am feeling like I smell - La Vie Est Belle. Happy Friday my lovelies!

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June wish list

I am determined to plan my UK beach trip no matter what the weather man says! July is my birthday month so it cant possible be anything other than happy sunny days in hot pants and ice cream by the sea!! So I've been scouting around the place for some perfect beach babe wear for my birthday trip to the coast. I love being by the sea and find it weird that I've always chosen to live the furthest in land my whole life. I'll have make do with those random road trips for now until I buy a little abode by the sea...

So back to the Wish list. I am always buying Brettons but J Crews Bretton is a beauty! I want this as I love the baby blue and delicate look of it. Topshop shorts just because they are too adorable not to buy. Levi denim to feel uber cool for lunch after sunbathing on the beach. Jack Wills Tee for a staple item that rolls up easily in your Beach bag from Gap. I am obsessed with the colour coral at the moment, which may be obvious from this post! So I have found an itzy bitzy Coral Bikini from Warehouse that I think will suit me and offers a small bust a little boost with some padding. Flip flops from Gap have been trialled in the shops. They're comfy ladies, made from leather and so reasonably priced. Channel into your inner Will I am with some Karen Walker Sunnies teamed with a Panama hat from Sensi Studio.

I am still debating where to go. I haven't seen much of Cornwall so that could be the place. I am going to be perusing Mr and Mrs Smith all day, easily done. Trust me. Take a look at their cute B&B's. I have stayed in a few of their recommendations and never been disappointed! My favourite getaway was this place called Lion and Pheasant in Shrewsbury! Perfect for a romantic trip to re connect over long walks, pub lunches and creative cocktails for the evening back at the Lion and Pheasant. 

Right, I best get on with work now. After another hour of coffee and boutique B&B research! Hope you have an awesome Sunday! Have you thought about this Summers travels? Let me know if you find anywhere nice to visit on the coast or some retreat far flung for me to escape to.

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Lotti Loves Rita

Its my Auntie Rita's birthday tomorrow, June 13th, and I am wishing her a lovely day. She has been more than family, she has been my best friend my whole entire life. Always there to offer the most encouraging advice and motivation. There is very rarely a person that can lift your spirits and brighten your mood when you are so severely in the dumps. But she can somehow do that for me! Whatever the problem she has a solution that gets me back on my feet again. That's pretty special to me. 

She is so sweet and has a heart of gold! She has always spoilt me and my sister rotten over our birthdays but I seem to remember the little treats more. Like how she always had yum yums and milkshakes at the ready for our visits and how she writes little cards to me with little anecdotes about life of late, which means the world to me. How special I feel when I see a card on the doormat with the familiar handwriting.  

Rita, thank you for your support and always believing in me. You truely are a special person. Have an ace day.

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The Ritz

Well, sweeties, I had the pleasure of visiting the most renowned place in London today! I only went and dined at the Ritz!!!! Yep, there was little ole me in the fancy establishment actually finding myself critiquing the tea and sandwhiches! Shows I am visiting a lot of tearooms nowadays if I'm doing this at the Ritz! 

Well, here's my photos and opinions for all they're worth...

Getting ready to The Lighthouse Family - made me even more excited for the trip. How amazing are the Lighthouse family by the way - I had totally forgot about them until the other day. If you do one thing tomorrow listen to this in the sun! 

I usually hate it when the taxi's late - but today - who cares! Beautiful day to stand around taking some snaps with Anne. Anne is my neighbour by the way, who is the youngest bubbliest 87 year old going. The only difference between her and me is a number. She is so caring too and has this personality that I wish I had! On the journey as we chatted she said something that hit a chord with me. She said - If you want it, get it and don't ever regret it girl. Now this might seem like bad advice to some sensible folk out there, but me, I am an expert in convincing myself I deserve a treat so instantly nodded and grinned feeling a tad bit relieved after all the people in my life chanting ISA or STOP spending at me. Yesterday I needed that hot chocolate and croissant as it's a Friday and I need a pick me up at the end of the week. Last week, I was having a duvet day so needed to buy a million magazines. When in reality I don't need half of the things I purchase! But like Anne said, who cares! I couldn't agree more. 

I went for a rose tea and tucked into the selection of sandwiches. The nice thing about the Ritz is they are not stingey with their sandwiches. They just kept coming, and coming! Smocked salmon was my favourite. They are quite plain and traditional but this was ok with me. I'd rather not max out before I got to the cakes.

The chocolate cake was so rich and dark. It was loved by all and by far my favourite part of the tea. This was then followed by a trifle  and lemon drizzle cake! Total over load of puddings but we couldn't resist - the lemon drizzle was scrummy and sweet on the outside, a little on the dry side inside but still goooood. I wasn't a fan of the trifle but I must have been wrong as Anne and Francesca was up in arms protesting its the best they'd tried. 

After a few hours of fine dining we reluctantly left the premises and hopped in a taxi back to Waterloo. The journey passed Big Ben and Westminster Abbey - nice! I tried to get some good pics as we whizzed by them but may have failed there.

Unwilling to call it a night I relaxed with some wine at home. It was no good though. My stomach was about to pop and my pj bottoms was all I could think about. It was such a fun day and if your planning a hen do/special birthday I'd consider the Ritz as your venue for a memorable indulgent experience! Or if you just wanted to get your man in a suit and tie to drool over...? Suits are compulsory at the Ritz you know.

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Decleor from my windowsill

Decleor - Boy these two little beauts are worth every penny! Ive only had them a week but I can't believe I never contemplated using essential oils in my regime before! If I wasn't having late nights and adding alcohol to my essential 5 a day at the moment my skin would be in better condition. But despite me breaking the beauty regime rules the last week or so, Decleor is keeping my skin hydrated and is diminishing signs of a blemish that's stuck around far too long on my chin! Too much information? In all honesty, I think everyone needs a piece of Decleor in their lives. You only need a few drops of the oil under your moisturiser in the morning and the aroma night oil only needs a tiny pea size too so will last forever. I'll let you know how I feel about the product in a few weeks.  

Oh and they do a good deal too in House of Fraser. If you go back and buy some of their products you get a free facial. Not bad eh?

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