New shooooooes

I bought these a week or so ago and they haven't made it outside their shoe box yet. Criminal! They are from Boden as you can see and are definitely worth a mention as they are the kind of shoe that makes you feel special, like you've made an effort but without being too much. I like. 

Ok, officially have the best housemate! I was just about to throw some old pumps out, as the pompom had fallen off too many years ago, when she suddenly grabbed them and headed to the loft! 

A few hours later she emerged with an extravagant bow with some of the old gems sewed on! Don't they look gorge? I thought I was creative last night when I hammered a few nails into my wardrobe to display my bags....

Moving away from shoe talk. I bought these Cyber Jammies (as well as two more!) this week and they are my brand! Totally my brand. The material is so soft of these pink petal ones and I advice you to purchase a pair of cyber jammies asap! Be honest - your pj's could do with an update!? Mine was at that stage and now I have 3 new pairs. For the quality it's an absolute steal!

On a final mad cat lady note, for those of you out there that have a feline friend whom you love with all your heart, then you should feed her Lily's kitchen. I was very happy to see Waitrose now stocks this brand ( at a pleasing introductory price ) as I used to trek to the vets to grab her this tasty but healthy treat for her!

What's your new purchases? Anything you think I would like?

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Betty's Boudoir

Set back on a leafy West London street - it would be easy to miss. Betty Blythe's tea room is all vintagey and 1920's inspired. The lady herself who I am not familiar with, was a 1920's starlet. Think flapper girl slash a 1920's Dita Von Teese! Seeing her pictures has got me thinking about organising a flapper party just so I can wear one of those sequined adorned dresses and headpieces. How awesome were those rebellious girls standing up to years and years of that stuffy housewife image!

What a fab day out with Francesca again. She is a little camera shy but I will get her on here one day! I am a very persuasive person when I want to be :) 

Hope you have all had a brill weekend!  

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Sophie Dahl for Brora

You will be seeing me soon in Brora's chunky knit from Sophie Dahl's collection. I was only supposed to pop into town for lunch when Sophie's gorgeous face from the window display caught my eye! She's been a bit of an idol since I discovered she's not only so pretty but a huge fan of baking too! I don't know why I didn't pick one up today to be honest as I have been snuggled up inside waiting for Lotti to return after her first galavant in her new outside surroundings. Check it out - such a cutie...

Meet Lotti's future companion named Little Bear ( she doesn't know it yet but they will be best friends, once the hissing and casing stops anyway ). Little Bears shy and unsure whereas Lotti is a bit too confident and demanding but opposites attract and I have a feeling about these two. 

She's been gone an hour now and was not responding to the thousands of Lotti's hollered in a highed pitched voice over the fence so I have given up and decided to take some pics of my new abode. Francesca and her house is the most welcoming little place in the world and after two weeks of being here I feel at home already. Well, I'd be surprised at who wouldn't, look at it....

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I absolutely love hearing from you and your opinions on my posts! I know I have stayed quite close to home of late but am planning on venturing to a cute bakery/tea room tomorrow called Violet in East London. Until there - TTFN!

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Richmond in the sun

Shockingly I sat on the green this weekend with the sun rays beaming down on me and my ice cream! Danieli you rock! The flavours are so interesting and definitely the closest I've seen to the icecream shops in Rome. See, even the little running boy agrees! You should try the lemon one which has marmalade and orange in too. 

Walks along the Thames to the boathouse pub. Copious amounts of white wine in the sun with great company was like feeding my soul. 

Apparently the London commute is a pain but not mine! :) Lucky for the lush views on the way to work this week!

Sun, keep shining. Muchos gracias.

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This is my outfit I picture myself ( thinking I am actually Carrie! ) wearing in a chic New York cocktail bar. It's got Carrie written all over it in my opinion. The floatiness of the dress, the jimmy choo's and adorable clutch bag! A girl can dream right! I chose the items because New York city needs style, killers heels and an outfit that will turn head. I think this could be it Worldwide Wardrobe.

L K Bennett dress Matthew Williamson Jacket Kotor clutch bag 
Tom ford lippie Jimmy choos J Crew bracelet

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My week in quotes

I think the quotes say all I need to say :) I just hope I can follow their advice!

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Shopping in London

When Lauren from Rouge Allure nominated me this week to take part in The Worldwide Wardrobe competition (details found here) I was made up! The idea is that you piece together items for various holiday trips! One of them is to create a look of a London shopping trip. Being part of the smoke and being part of a life long addiction to shopping it is only natural I start with this one :)

I chose the Mack by Orla Kiely because Macks are so versatile and instantly make you feel glam. When you go shopping you want to feel good on the off set to make the experience more enjoyable. You wont feel like trying a new lippie on or tying on that dress you've always wanted in Whistles if you feel a bit drab  (well that's how I work!).

This breezy looking Breton top from The White Company I thought was perfect for a marathon shop. Easy to remove and also quite snug at the same time in case it's one of those grey cold days.

Staple Jeans from Boden. Gotta love Boden!

Shopper style Bag and Watch from Kate Spade to hold all those nick nacks you will pick up along the way.

Gorgeous silk Scarf from Aspinal of London just because. No real reason apart from it's beautiful. Maybe it might keep you warm?!

I have always been a Clarkes fan since I was in Primary school wearing my patent brogues with the hidden key in the sole(anyone remember them!) so there is no surprise I have added these comfy ankle Boots to my look.

And a few essentials for the trip would be a Debretts Diary for its tube map and tips on where to eat/dine/visit in London and ofcourse an Umbrella from Joules to be on the safe side!

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My haven

Being a Cancerian I am very big on my homes and making little retreats. Me and Lotti have had quite a hectic weekend so we both are feeling it's time for a little R and R tonight. We're relaxing and I can tell she's thinking what I'm thinking - an early night! Anyway, here's a little peak into my new room! Oh and my amazing new laptop - you have to realise how behind i've been on technology of late. I have never owned anything apple and have used the same chunky black laptop for 5 years! 

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After Paris..

Here are a few random pics of the last week before the move. I had some thinking time over in Richmond Hill Bakery. This place needs its own blog title as its very cute and friendly. Its in such a lovely area that you often can catch a famous face pass by. This time I sat across the way from John Hannah who I absolutely love in the Mummy and Sliding doors so was ace to hear his amazing scottish accent for real ordering a coffee!  Played and played with my baby girl who seems to be drugged up by string. Spent some time blogging on my new Vaio and bought another bunch of daffs to bring Spring inside on the grey days. 

Still dreaming about Paris it seems too! The endless cafes and boutiques was my own personal dose of therapy! It doesn't look like it but I am close to tears in the last picture. The dresses I found and had to put back down killed me a little bit more each time I did so. One day I will have a spend up in Paris but for now I am happy to just admire (drool).

I am also a little bit obsessed with my new scarf so you might be seeing a lot of it! It's a fantastic colour don't you agree? Mint green with touches of pinks and blue. If you want it head over to Reiss. Sometimes its worth paying that little bit extra to have a quality item you're proud of showing off! 

What have you been splashing out on? Any bargains out there I should know about? 

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