Baby cupcakes

I made these little cupcakes for my baby cousin William. Well, not quite for him, but in celebration of him turning one over Easter! I had seen this cake decorators a year ago in an antiques centre of all places and have kept them safe for his first birthday.

They are dead easy to make. I took inspiration from a pin on my Pinterest board which you can find here but replaced the flour for rice flour as it makes them taste a bit fluffier. 

I haven't got that flirty Nigella look when baking. I need to work on that.

 They reminded me of my lunch box treat as a kid - Iced gems. I haven't seen these in years! Are they still around?

William watched us as we enjoyed one with a nice cuppa! He was more interested in rolling around on the floor though! So funny!

Love you to death Wills. Happy first birthday!

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The Tea Cup

Richmond's lanes have always had an effect on me! They are so cute and boutiqey you feel like you're in a quaint English village somewhere in the countryside. This Sunday was bitter cold in London so we thought we would warm our hands in Richmond's tea room called the Tea Cup in Brewers Lane. 

I had tea of the month, black apricot tea with some chicken and avocado sandwiches whilst P ordered a smoked salmon bagel ( they have a selection of traditional British lunches, cakes and afternoon tea's to choose from). It was the first time I had tried smoked salmon as P literally begged me to try it. Before today I just did NOT get this strange breakfast choice people made. But I have to say the flavours were define. I couldn't believe how wrong I had been! 

I had been spurred on to visit this place after a chat with a lady in Hobbs the week before about how amazing the red velvet cake was from the tea cup. Unfortunately they were all out, but the Italian owner did promise me it was worth the wait and to come again soon. And that I will.

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Pick me up

I decided that if I wasn't going to jog in the cold windy night I was at least going to make my insides feel a bit healthier with a home made juice. To be fair, you don't need a recipe book or me to tell you what to mix together. It's all part of the fun to just make it up as you go along!

Here's the juice I whizzed up earlier (after raiding my cupboards). 

2 carrotts sliced
Pineapple chunks
Pineapple juice
Add Raspberries for a 2nd juice. 
Mint (Wish I had to decorate!) 

As much pineapple juice as you want!

Lorra honey to make it nice and sweet.

 Delish! Not quite the same as actually working out but never the less this is my mid week pick me up! What are you doing this week to feel healthy!

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Cute as a blogger button

I am so excited that I have my very own Lotti Loves London button for my followers! How cute are they?! 

They are designed by Miss Imogen Smith who as you can tell is extremely talented. Not only is she talented but very helpful and patient with you too. I had something in my mind but not being an artiste I found it hard to articulate exactly what I wanted, but viola, a few days later she came along and produced these, which I absolutely love! 

If you are up for a re design of your header or button then I advise you swing by her cute blog. 

Thank you in advance if you add this button to your blog!

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My motto

My cousin (she's oh so full of wisdom for such a young yummy mummy!) offered this piece of advice to me at the start of the year. Cuz, I've been trying to do just that. 

Some people, even the closest people to you can take pleasure in making you feel low. Some do it to feel better about themselves and some just merely need to let off steam by venting out at you. Either way, it's not healthy for you to constantly be in their firing line of insults/negativity. 

Find strength and break away from the people that don't make you shine and feel good to be YOU! Surround yourself with the people that love you no matter what, that show they care for you just as much you show them! It sounds like a no brainer but we hang on to those people thinking that if I just try harder then they'll love/appreciate/like me more! It doesn't seem to work that way it seems. If they don't cherish you for you - they're not worth a dime sister!

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Thinking of you X

Happy St Paddy's day to you all! Hope you have had a grande time today :)

Today I raised a pint (half!) of Guinness up to my Grandad looking over us from heaven. 

It's his birthday today so I have been thinking about him all day. I made his favourite lunch today too. Hot hot boiling hot tea straight from the kettle with pork pie and smokey bacon crisps! When he looked after me in the summer hols he would always get me to make him this...every day :) I added a cream egg though for good measure. 

Always in my heart Grandad Murphy. I will always remember you and how you always waved goodbye to me from your doorstop until I was out of sight. I wish I could have known you for longer. 

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Lotti Loves Weekly

This week I came across some photos of a bike ride from sunnier times last year! Come on Spring, were more than ready for you now! My pastel outfits are dying to make an appearance! The daffs are a holding their ground and persevering through the coldness so maybe it wont be too long. 

I was invited to a show this week. Lucky me! Priscilla queen of the dessert was the dose of feel good I needed this week. Its a heart warming story that's pink and glitzy, camp and outrageous and full of the old classic songs you sing in the shower! I absolutely loved it, but clearly not as much as my friend who had seen it 5 times!!! More importantly, there are some pretty damn hot half naked men strutting their stuff all the way through, the costumes are by far the most creative I've ever seen in my life too, what's not to like about Priscilla!

The cast are touring all over the UK and abroad so check out the website for your nearest venue. Just a hint...don't book the seats that have extra leg room as the cast waltz around mid show and grab up members of the audience. My. Worse. Nightmare.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Lotti Loves Pinterest

I am loving my new obsession at the moment. I could spend a whole entire day just adding beautiful inspiring photos to my mood boards on Pinterest! The scary thing is I don't deem it as a waste of a day. Growing up, I have always loved scrap booking, making lists, collecting pretty pictures and postcards I come across, so I am head over heels in love with the online version of my previous hobby. I know I know, I'm a little slow, it's been around a while but I have only just entered the blogging world so am catching up with you all :). 

These are my favourite images from this week so far! So pretty and delicate. I think I am going to give the girly cupcakes a go this weekend if I'm feeling brave. The bows - genius idea don't you think?

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Dreamy weekend

Where did the weekend go?! Is it just me, or did this weekend absolutely fly by? It was such a sleepy dreamy weekend this one. P and I wandered around London taking in the moody grey scenes as we went by. I suppose the fact that we visited a few museums and galleries, squeezing in vino tasting in between added to the dreamy trance feeling we've been in. 

Konditor and Cook Fix

I had to start the weekend off with a rich and creamy hot chocolate from K&C. This time I treated myself to one of their magic squares with a quote close to my heart ;). Then it was a hop skip and a jump over to the OXO Tower to visit an exhibition on the Tsumami. Not the best way to start the weekend; in tears. But it was a shocking reminder on how lucky we are to be just dossing around with not a care in the world.  


It was so cold walking along embankment that we took refuge in the Tate for an hour. We admired their 'Dream and Poetry' gallery displaying some Picasso pieces but not being big on modern art we had to laugh at some of their strange poo like sculptures.

This was one of my favourites. I am a lover of grey and white so really appreciated Dorothea Tanning's version of a dream world. I found a website about her here so have been oooing and aaahing at her beautiful paintings.

 We always spend more time in gift shops than looking at the main event!

Oxo Tower Bar

On our way back to Waterloo P remembered that the Oxo tower had a fancy bar with great views over the Thames. So a few minutes later we were relaxing with glass of Bordeaux and erm a few cocktails! I definitely recommend a visit for anyone visiting the Tate/St Pauls/National gallery.  

Pretty entrance decor.

Cute independent shops at Gabriel's Wharf

Very mature...


Finally got myself a window seat in the award winning Italian restaurant next to Richmond station called Rustica! It's always packed so it was about time I gave it a go myself. Maybe it was because I had built up this romantic joint in my head but the pizza was average I am afraid to say. If you're happy with bread, cheese, parma ham and not much else then you'll be fine! But I like my pizza to be oozing with flavoursome garlic!

Well that was my Saturday, a bit of a pub crawl really as we ended up at the Duke after that! All part of the sight seeing ;)

Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

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