Jolly at The Folly

Last weekend Jo and I found refuge in the oh so trendy bar called The Folly. Situated near to Bank it's the perfect city retreat! Its absolutely huge, with different seating areas for all types of guests (intimate dates, large parties, informal dining) and is the most stylish place I can think of to grab some comfort food. After the day we had had, you know those days when your carefully thought out plans turn out to be a bit of a fail, it was definitely the hug we needed!

I think our choice in pudd was very relevant. An old classic for two old chums! We have a lot of history and when we get together we easily digress back to the old days, reliving our childhood memories! Our era was the coloured hair mascara/Britney's first hit/skirt over trousers combo/recording the top 40 from the radio era. Such good times. 

However, this time we spent more time chatting about our dreams and future plans and how we were going to make this year count. Life's too short to dwell on the past sometimes. The more you spend looking back the less chance you see the doors open before you. We conveniently decided that life is now going to be about; treating ourselves, holidays, less work, more play and more time spent with loved ones. Sounds good to me! 

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Ladies that breakfast

The thing about Saturday morning that has always bugged me, is that despite really trying, I have never been able to lie in! I used to be quite jealous of people that could have snuggly warm moments under the covers getting some extra hours of snoozing!. Wheras my Saturday morning, I would be thinking how ridiculously hungry I was, what I should wear that day and sadly, going through events from the week in my mind. 

That was until I realised that my early rising had a plus point - breakfast dates! I always see eating out for breakfast as such a treat, especially when it involves french toast and syrup! So when my gorgeous friend Jo was in town I decided to take her over to Bill's. Despite being early she still looked so chic!

Like most people would, she did think I was a little crazy to rendezvouz at 8am but who wouldn't change their mind when presented with this!

If you haven't been to a Bill's yet I suggest you click here to see where your closest one is! It's uber cool and the food is delish. Oh and make sure you try the hot elderflower cordial.

What do you do to get yourself out of bed at the weekend? Would love to know where your favourite breakfast haunt is.

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LottiLoves Weekly

Well its been a fun couple of weeks blogging. I don't know why I didn't start years ago! I have a few snapshots capturing the jist of my week. I definitely feel I'm channelling some of your creativity fellow bloggers! It's thanks to many of your blogs that I have come across this week that has inspired my recipes and fuelled motivation in me to finally make that mood board....Happy weekend everyone!




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Glittery kisses

I made these yesterday. Very barbie right? These were my second attempt kisses of the day! I had burnt the first batch as I had preheated the oven to 200 degrees which I had followed from a recipe. 

However, my oven seems to not comply with recipe instructions. Anyway, barbie or not, I was quite proud of these little strawberry meringues because a) they were not singed b) they were an ok shape and c) they taste a little like candy floss! 

2 egg whites
60g of caster sugar
pinch of salt
cream of tatar.

You will need
Baking tray
Parchment paper/foil 
piping bag and star shaped nozzle

*   Preheat oven to 100°C ( Mine was 75°C as I was overly cautious due to disastrous first batch).

*     Whisk two egg whites with a stand mixer or hand whisk on a medium setting.

*        Add a pinch of salt

*  While the whites are whisking away measure out 60g of caster sugar.

*     When the egg whites have thickened and have soft peaks you can gradually add in your sugar, tablespoon amount each time.

*     Add in half a tea spoon of cream of tartar.

*     A few drops of your favourite flavouring.

* A few drops of your favourite colour. I chose red gel colouring.

*     Increase the speed and watch as your meringue thickens.

*     Stop once you have a thick glossy mixture. You should have stiff peaks when you remove your whisk!

*  Grab your piping bag. Works best if someone is handy to hold the bag open as you use a spatula to tip the mixture in.

*     Use a star shaped nozzle to make your kisses on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

*     Make sure they have a bit of space between them, say 5cm or so.

*     Leave in the oven for just over an hour until they are firm to the touch and you can’t resist any longer to eating one! 

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Le Chandelier - Dulwich

Le Chandelier - an enchanting and elaborate retreat in the middle of a less enchanting elaborate setting. When a friend told me to get my bootie down to Le Chandelier in East Dulwich as it's sooo me, I thought I would take her advice! I am a very good listener, that's my problem. 

I was overwhelmed by row upon row of dream red brick abodes some people call home! 

However, the road where this little beauty sits on isn't the prettiest around the area but should not put you off ladies and gents! As soon as you open the door you are struck with the most ornate display of chandeliers and cake stands showing off mouthwatering puddings! 

Take a look at my pics. They do not give the place justice in my eyes. 

Blue Sapphire Earl grey was very zingy! 

Moroccan feel to the place added colour against the creams and whimsical feel of the place. 

I was surprisingly on my best behaviour and ordered a salad. Why you ask? Well take a look. It was by far the nicest salad and should be at the grand total of £9.50. It was crayfish, avocado, mango and some creamy type dressing. To me I gained just as much pleasure out of eating this fresh salad as a chocolate brownie! We learn new things everyday, and all that. 

After this rendezvous, it was just a sunbathe outside the picture gallery. We did have plans to go inside until we fathomed it would be a waste of the afternoon sun! Next time maybe...

Well this an enjoyable day. I can see myself coming back some time. Perhaps in Autumn to see the leafy tree lined streets. Oh, and to the gem on Lordship lane that has opened up my eyes to the world of interesting salads!

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