Lancome from my windowsill

Lots of hype has been made about Hypnose Mascara from Lancome. I have been hooked on a Clinique mascara for absolute years now so I thought I'd take a risk on another. I have to say it's not as 'Dolly eyes' as I'd been made to believe. It can look a bit clumpy/dry too.  It's no way the worst mascara out there but defo not my favourite or cheapest one out there. 

Any out there that you would advise for next time? I love lashes as big as you can get them! So something a bit vava voooom. Right, sorry for the quick post but have a hungry cat giving me evils. Speak to you soon!

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FoxCroft and Ginger

I am very excited to show the latest cafe I traveled to today. Its FoxCroft and Ginger in Soho! I never would have come across this gem of a cafe if it wasn't for my tea and cake book I've recently purchased. Set on Berwick Street in Soho bustling with so many cafe's and restaurants to chose from I may have never had the chance to taste their divine french toast. So my new book is kind of like my version of a bible. I follow the advice given like it's gospel and walk along the paths it encourages me to go down in search of blissful happiness ( today being french toast and raspberry and custard muffin ). 

The Vanilla chai was really good too. It came out in a steel basic teapot which made my heart sink a little but in its defence the tea was so flavoursome with, listen to this, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, pink and bruised pepper, rooibos and vanilla! Winner. 

The French toast made me realise I was no longer a rubbish vegetarian but a complete pathetic lying vegetarian! I have avoided red meat for quite a while but had a few hurdles recently. This bad boy being one of them. It really was tasty as it was grilled with maple syrup. Sorry to all those people out there that actually do stick by what they believe in and don't give in so easily like moi. 

The Raspberry and Custard Muffin was as good as it looks too. It was perfectly moist and every bite you could taste the custard with occasional bursts of raspberry. Whoever bakes for these guys is one talented baker. 

If you wanted to have a look at their menus click here. I would defo visit this place again if I was in the area or wanted some yummy grub before seeing a show. 

I thought this was a lovely Sunday and it was well worth the trek. I decided to walk across from Waterloo bridge so I could soak up some of that sunny London atmosphere...and work off that calorific lunch!

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May Wishlist

I want I want I want. Should be my middle name! Here's the latest wishlist, perfect for drinks out with the girls wouldn't you agree? I would wear this with a pale pink lippie and nails with a high bun. How long until pay day!?? 

French Connection Jacket J Crew Necklace Jack Wills Dress Jigsaw Clutch Laura Ashley Cardigan Jigsaw Shoes

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Life lately

Well Pinterest has swallowed another hour of my life! But it sooo not a waste of time! See, I have drawn inspiration for a birthday cake I'm making for a friend this week - a lavender and lemon cake with glitter hearts exploding from it like the two above. Also, floral stairs - everyone needs floral stairs. I have to work on Francesca this week being it her house and all! 

Life has been pretty damn exciting since I have moved out and changed my whole entire life. So many opportunities keep knocking on my door randomly and I am surprisingly loving it. If you are contemplating change or have a little voice in your head that keeps telling you something just ain't right, believe me when I say this, follow your instincts! Instincts are so powerful and I had been ignoring them for so long. Perhaps this is what we all do, because we are always so scared of the unknown. Well not me, not now and not ever. Will embrace change because sometimes it shakes you up a bit and get back to feeling you!

Anyway, here's a few snaps from the week. Just me trying to be healthy with my new brookes trainers but then totally ruining the hard work with puddings and wine. That's something that will never change about me unfortunately! 

Keeping fit and biking to work :) Not too many days though. I don't want calf muscles like Chris Hoy now.

Out at the Botanist in Kew for some food. Somewhere I've always wanted to go. Its so beautiful inside and a place you could spend a whole Sunday afternoon in! If you are planning a day trip to Kew gardens, be sure to go here and try out their hearty recipes. They are also an artisan brewery and have many ales, made in house to try. I'm not a beer person myself so cant quote on how amazing they are. If it's anything like their wine and mains then you'll be happy.

Homemade muffins in my attempt to kerb my chocolate obsession.
I will post the recipe on soon. They are delish and full of veg! 

Bank holiday was rammed in Richmond. So a uni friend and I camped out in Revolution, a bar on the Thames and watched from their floor to ceiling windows onto the grass where people sat enjoying the view with ice creams. Got to love the complete British feel of Richmond sometimes. Oh Revolution have a 50% offer on a Monday. New Monday tradition I think has been born. 

Been vamping me up a bit this week. Francesca has been teaching me how to apply makeup and she put some individual lashes on me like a pro! Don't think you can see from the blurry picture here. But they were awesome! 

Happy weekend everyone! Have a good one :) 

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Spring Dior from my windowsill

I would never normally do a nail varnish post - main reason is because I don't have the nicest nails! But I had to overcome my embarrassment of my tatty nails when I came across this shade so I could show you! I think it's the perfect shade. The name epitomises the colour - Spring ball :) 

If this isn't your shade I would have a look at the others in the collection as the brush is fab and even an nail ammature like me managed to paint both hands with no drama.

Ok better dash, have work to attend, snore. 

Be back later for more new products to show you from my windowsill...

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Strawberry cider and sweeties :)

I'm not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky but I've found myself with no plans this weekend. What with Francesca visiting family up north and other friends tied up with pre organised plans I found myself at a loose end. Its been nice and relaxing and probably what we should all do from time to time.  We need time to just breathe and forget about all those niggly work (must do over the weekend) things from time to time. I literally dragged my dusty bike, autumn leaves still attached, out this morning and whizzed off without any idea where my final destination would be. I just wanted to bike as fast as I could while singing as loud as permitted without being looked at as I was a weirdo!

I biked along the Thames, feeling less free as a bird as sooo many people were enjoying their Sunday stroll and ended up in Twickenham. Most places were closed on Church street bar my favourite pick n mix shop! Result. Its very retro and so much fun choosing your favourite old sweets as you stand on their stools to reach the top shelf. Its very nostalgic, even if you can get many of them in the major superstores.... 

I went for Rhubarb and custard bon bons, milk bottles, teeth and spearmint chews I used to get as a kid in Woolworths.

If you're ever in Twickenham,visit Church street for the boutiques, amazing restaurants and your fill of some old classic sweeties from Sweet Memories of Twickenham :)

I don't normally drink alone but why not eh? I had a strawberry cider outside The White Swan while scoffing my sweets. It was quite therapeutic and gave me time to, well just breathe a little. 

What's on your May BH agenda? Any exciting plans? Or are you just mooching like me?!

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Rose Bakery

Happy bank holiday! So I went to Comme des Garcons today. Not sure why if I am honest? I've heard of Dover street market before and had absolutely no plans today so toodled off to Green park to see what the fuss was all about. The clothes are way out of my league and the cafe was a little cramped and basic but I had a nice day still! 

Rose bakery is on the top floor of Comme des Garcons (Dover Street Market)and offers the most homely bakes such as Pistachio with lemon drizzle cake, which I of course had to trial out! There were a few healthier options, one in particular called 'plate of vegetables' which smelt and looked better than its given name to be fair but had nothing on my pistachio slice. Plus I ordered an immense smoothie so cancels out cake :).

So after a meander and jaw dropping moments watching a woman purchase a £900 dress without even trying it on first, I headed out to sunbathe in Green park with the masses.

How did you start your bank holiday? London is apparently going to be a whopping 22 degrees Monday which totally against the norm. Very exciting. Must plan something nice, but whatever I do I will most definitely visit another London tearoom off the beaten track to show you. Until then..

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