This week I met with my cousin in St Albans for a rendevouz at the locals favourite lunch venue; Bakehouse. It was so great to see her after all these years, we agreed on something crazy like 8 years to have passed without seeing each other! But with uni/work/relationships and not living that close it just happens I suppose. Saying that, nothings changed. She's just as I remember her. Utterly gorgeous, inside and out. Growing up she was my big cousin who I went all dreamy whenever she came to visit! She was uber cool, leggy with long blonde hair and was the kind of teenager I wanted to be when I grew up! We met, we chatted, planned future meet ups and I realised I was right to be all starry eyed all those years ago because she is a lovely sweet hearted girl who I am lucky to have back in my life.

So moving on. Bakehouse, tucked away a little, not far from the Cathedral is a down to earth cafe with homely bakes, gourmet type salads and really friendly staff. That to me is a major plus point visiting cafes or anywhere to be honest, as it does add that little touch to your day when you've had some good banter/chatter with a stranger. Don't you think? 

 There were lots of yummy treats to chose from and it was then I regretted arriving early and conveniently making it in time for the early bird specials!

I would recommend this place for a lunch date before going to a sunbathe in the cathedral gardens. That's what I did :) St Albans is a lovely historical town and is one of those places you say to yourself - I want to live here! I do say that a lot so maybe don't take my word for it! Maybe you should go and see for yourself!

Have a good a weekend. Be safe, laugh lots, and tell someone special to you that you love and appreciate them for all that they are and all that they do for you.

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  1. this looks like just my type of place! And i'm loving the new blog layout and style! xxx

  2. Ooo this looks gorgeous. My boyfriend lives near St Albans so will definitely have to pay a visit!! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  3. The baked goods look so yummy!

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