Orange Pekoe

Well hello there! It's definately been more than a while! I have excuses...I've been travelling the globe and bumped into Matt Bomer on the streets of Paris. We've been in this crazy whirlwind romance since which can only likened to a story from a novel that has a grey tie on the front page! Okay maybe not, maybe this is my current fantasy. My real excuses are quite lame; laptop broke, attempts to save, focus on the day job. I'm pretty sure I'm not forgivable now.

Anyway, despite lame reason numero one still being the case, I still want to share the places I visit across London. They are too good to not share! 

So my tea room that has got me back into blogging is orange pekoe. It was meant to be. A random sunny afternoon, I couldn't decide where to go so I thought I'd hop on the train and make up my mind while I'm on it! Spontaneous eh?! I pulled up to Barnes which is still a little unfamilar to me despite living in this neck of the woods for a few years now. A kind lady directed from the streets on how to get to the high street and gushed I had to walk along the river to her favourite coffee shop. I thanked her and told her I had read up on the place in one of my many tearoom books. I had no idea it was only a hop skip and a walk along the river away :)

Once I found the place I was greeted by the friendly owner. He took one look at me and my samsung camera clicking away and said 'hey there girl, are you thinking of setting up a rival coffee shop?' Ahhhh one day I will you know. Not seeming to believe me he offered me his favourite ethopian coffee and a ridiculously indulgent cake to sit in the sun with. Happy Easter to moi!

Many tea options for my next visit.

Barnes is such a beautiful part of South London. Picturesque green and pond, boutiques, charity shops you know you will find some whistles number in, and row upon row of cottages adorned with roses. I'd recommend a picnic on the green opposite the pond, followed by a mooch down the high street towards the river. Head right along the thames to another cute hub of shops where Orange pekoe is nestled! For food you will have to try The White Hart looking over the river. I didn't have the time and was way too full up on chocolate genache so do tell me if you make it there!

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  1. LOTTI!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been wondering when you would finally return to us! I'm so glad you've come back with a gorgeous tea room to make us all drool. Although I have to admit I preferred the 'travelling the globe' story to the actual one ;)

    Hope you're well. Really great to have you back.

    Katie <3

  2. Thanks Katie! I've got so much catching up on your blog! Can't wait . Its so hard to blog from my phone but i'm going to try my best!
    Feeling a get together with the sanderson gang :) xxxx

  3. Yay Lottie!!! I hope life is treating you well (and I did believe your little fantasy at the top for a while! A girl can wish anyway...)
    Perfect little tea room post to get you kick started..
    Welcome back girl, we've missed you buckets! xxx

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