Birthday at the Bingham

It's been way too long. I lurrv blogging so much but I think I've been a tad bit busy with work/social and being seriously ill ( I have been so contagious recently! ) to put TLC into a post. I never want to feel as if blogging is a chore so I never force myself to start writing, I do it when I want to! That way it stays a hobby and not another pressure on top of lifes others! Know what I mean?! Anyway enough waffle about that, I want to share some birthday snaps with you. It was such a special day that would not have been that way without friends. Here's to friends, old and new who go out of their way to make you feel a million dollars :) 

My 7am surprise! From my wonderful housemate - she'd hidden my cards all week, baked a cake and even made my favourite breakfast for me! Such a cutie.

Another shock was a huge bunch of flowers delivered by a uni friend on the day. It was then I realised it was my first bunch anyone had ever sent me. It was so lovely of her.

The Bingham 

It was such a treat to eat at The Bingham and lived up to expectations ladies! I mean, this is a place I would want to get married at it's that lush. The service - amazing. The food - beautifully presented. The weather - HOT HOT HOT! We actually
kind of melted away on that balcony. 

If you fancy something fancy on the Thames with stunning views - this is your place. The menu will not disappoint and you will be bowled over by the waiters attention to making your visit a pleasant one. They are also a boutique B&B listed on Mrs and Mrs Smith.

Hair done, Jamie Oliver's and wine with friends made my birthday so much fun! But there was one thing missing.....Ma Famillia! They arrived the next day for some dossing around Ham time. My family seemed to love Ham which was nice. We took little Wills on his first ferry rid and just meandered around until the heat wore as all out (excuse the bed hair and hungover look!)

Birthdays can be a downer when your're single but thank god for the people in my life that rallied around to make it one of the best birthdays yet. MWAH!

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  1. What a lovely day to spend with all the people close to you.
    That birthday cake and choc cupcakes look totally divine, so awesome to wake up to :)
    The food at the Bingham! Totally WOW, literally drooling at the screen.
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

  2. Such beautiful photos. Happy birthday! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow