FoxCroft and Ginger

I am very excited to show the latest cafe I traveled to today. Its FoxCroft and Ginger in Soho! I never would have come across this gem of a cafe if it wasn't for my tea and cake book I've recently purchased. Set on Berwick Street in Soho bustling with so many cafe's and restaurants to chose from I may have never had the chance to taste their divine french toast. So my new book is kind of like my version of a bible. I follow the advice given like it's gospel and walk along the paths it encourages me to go down in search of blissful happiness ( today being french toast and raspberry and custard muffin ). 

The Vanilla chai was really good too. It came out in a steel basic teapot which made my heart sink a little but in its defence the tea was so flavoursome with, listen to this, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, pink and bruised pepper, rooibos and vanilla! Winner. 

The French toast made me realise I was no longer a rubbish vegetarian but a complete pathetic lying vegetarian! I have avoided red meat for quite a while but had a few hurdles recently. This bad boy being one of them. It really was tasty as it was grilled with maple syrup. Sorry to all those people out there that actually do stick by what they believe in and don't give in so easily like moi. 

The Raspberry and Custard Muffin was as good as it looks too. It was perfectly moist and every bite you could taste the custard with occasional bursts of raspberry. Whoever bakes for these guys is one talented baker. 

If you wanted to have a look at their menus click here. I would defo visit this place again if I was in the area or wanted some yummy grub before seeing a show. 

I thought this was a lovely Sunday and it was well worth the trek. I decided to walk across from Waterloo bridge so I could soak up some of that sunny London atmosphere...and work off that calorific lunch!

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  1. Lovely post, it looks delicious!
    I might try and find a recipe for those muffins, I like the combination going there!
    Which book was it you bought? Sounds like it is worth a buy :)
    Emily xx

  2. Please tell us more about this 'Tea and Cake' sounds like the perfect insider's guide for great places to dive into when the weather takes a turn for the worse.
    x x x
    P.s. I am so impressed that you'll happily go to a cafe and wander round by yourself. Good for you Lottie x

  3. Sounds lovely, wish there were more places like this near me. Why is maple syrup not vegetarian?? x