Strawberry cider and sweeties :)

I'm not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky but I've found myself with no plans this weekend. What with Francesca visiting family up north and other friends tied up with pre organised plans I found myself at a loose end. Its been nice and relaxing and probably what we should all do from time to time.  We need time to just breathe and forget about all those niggly work (must do over the weekend) things from time to time. I literally dragged my dusty bike, autumn leaves still attached, out this morning and whizzed off without any idea where my final destination would be. I just wanted to bike as fast as I could while singing as loud as permitted without being looked at as I was a weirdo!

I biked along the Thames, feeling less free as a bird as sooo many people were enjoying their Sunday stroll and ended up in Twickenham. Most places were closed on Church street bar my favourite pick n mix shop! Result. Its very retro and so much fun choosing your favourite old sweets as you stand on their stools to reach the top shelf. Its very nostalgic, even if you can get many of them in the major superstores.... 

I went for Rhubarb and custard bon bons, milk bottles, teeth and spearmint chews I used to get as a kid in Woolworths.

If you're ever in Twickenham,visit Church street for the boutiques, amazing restaurants and your fill of some old classic sweeties from Sweet Memories of Twickenham :)

I don't normally drink alone but why not eh? I had a strawberry cider outside The White Swan while scoffing my sweets. It was quite therapeutic and gave me time to, well just breathe a little. 

What's on your May BH agenda? Any exciting plans? Or are you just mooching like me?!

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  1. I just love the layout of your pictures! They look gorgeous and I totally agree that sometimes we just need some time to... 'be' !

    Katie <3

  2. The pictures look fantastic! You're quite lucky you live down south, there's so much to do!

    This bank holiday has been crazy for me! but hopefully shall be chilling t'moro with a BBQ with my pals. BLISS!



  3. I just love reading your posts!! All of your pictures look so lovely. You make me want to visit all of these cute little places =) xx

  4. Your posts are so cute and i love your blog, i nominated you for the liebster award- rules and questions are here-
    laura x

  5. Oohh, lovely pictures!
    Rekorderlig is my absolute favourite!, the pear is always a winner!
    There is something so quaint and British about a vintage sweet shop isn't there?!
    Release the inner 5 year old!
    Emily xxx