Life lately

Well Pinterest has swallowed another hour of my life! But it sooo not a waste of time! See, I have drawn inspiration for a birthday cake I'm making for a friend this week - a lavender and lemon cake with glitter hearts exploding from it like the two above. Also, floral stairs - everyone needs floral stairs. I have to work on Francesca this week being it her house and all! 

Life has been pretty damn exciting since I have moved out and changed my whole entire life. So many opportunities keep knocking on my door randomly and I am surprisingly loving it. If you are contemplating change or have a little voice in your head that keeps telling you something just ain't right, believe me when I say this, follow your instincts! Instincts are so powerful and I had been ignoring them for so long. Perhaps this is what we all do, because we are always so scared of the unknown. Well not me, not now and not ever. Will embrace change because sometimes it shakes you up a bit and get back to feeling you!

Anyway, here's a few snaps from the week. Just me trying to be healthy with my new brookes trainers but then totally ruining the hard work with puddings and wine. That's something that will never change about me unfortunately! 

Keeping fit and biking to work :) Not too many days though. I don't want calf muscles like Chris Hoy now.

Out at the Botanist in Kew for some food. Somewhere I've always wanted to go. Its so beautiful inside and a place you could spend a whole Sunday afternoon in! If you are planning a day trip to Kew gardens, be sure to go here and try out their hearty recipes. They are also an artisan brewery and have many ales, made in house to try. I'm not a beer person myself so cant quote on how amazing they are. If it's anything like their wine and mains then you'll be happy.

Homemade muffins in my attempt to kerb my chocolate obsession.
I will post the recipe on soon. They are delish and full of veg! 

Bank holiday was rammed in Richmond. So a uni friend and I camped out in Revolution, a bar on the Thames and watched from their floor to ceiling windows onto the grass where people sat enjoying the view with ice creams. Got to love the complete British feel of Richmond sometimes. Oh Revolution have a 50% offer on a Monday. New Monday tradition I think has been born. 

Been vamping me up a bit this week. Francesca has been teaching me how to apply makeup and she put some individual lashes on me like a pro! Don't think you can see from the blurry picture here. But they were awesome! 

Happy weekend everyone! Have a good one :) 

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  1. cute pictures, your cat looks so cute xo

  2. I love this montage Lottie!
    It all looks wonderful and you fitted so much in!
    (Revolution is epic! Their skinny burger is only 350 calories and has the most incredible sweet potato chips! Nom!)
    Lovely post :)
    Emily xxx

  3. Such a busy looking week :)
    Totally loving all your photos, and you've reminded me that I really need to get myself to Kew when back in the UK!
    x x

  4. I LOVE the loveheart soup bowl.
    What an amazing idea.
    Some beautiful pictures.
    Love Isabella x

  5. You look radiant! Love the pic of you with the lashes. I agree, instincts are very powerful. Great advice.