Hams beautiful house

I cannot believe this wonderful place is on my doorstop! I decided it was too much of a nice day to go inside so will have to save that for another day. Anyway, I was quite happy to pay my £4.50 to enter the gardens and sit and have a cuppa outside the Orangery cafe! 

The cafe overlooks a quintessential english garden and you could gaze at the thick Wisteria growing over the entire wall of the cafe for hours. Kind of what I did really.  

Inside looked very cosy indeed. I think this place would also be awesome to retreat to in Autumn time! Just look at the wood burner and old classic books.

I had already gorged on cake in Columbia road that morning so I was very good and just took some pictures of the yummy looking brownies and wholesome cakes. The cream tea looked popular though out in the gardens. I almost went back for it after hearing all the compliments from people around me. Next time...

The gardens contain a really cute little flower and knick knack shop.

Ha, freckles on show! Always a good sign that Summer is here....

Wish I was 7 again...and not 27!

If you want some more information of visiting Ham House then visit its website for opening hours etc. Sometimes the cafe is closed so best to check it out before. I don't know about you but after a National Trust visit I always seem to feel a lot more at peace. Like I am ready to tackle horrid Monday as I have taken some proper time out to unwind/spoken to some lovely strangers and sat out in the fresh air longer than quickly dashing for lunch for all of 12 minutes like a week day! I might look into a few more in London now...Well not now...need some shut eye. Nighty night! 

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  1. What a quintessentially British place, and it looks so beautiful in the sunshine :)
    Good on you for making the effort to go out and about and do something with the day. Loving the summer casual/sunny outfit too
    x x x


  2. Oh this place looks beautiful! I always look forward to seeing your posts & where you've been. Your pictures are amazing =) xx

  3. Lovely and British! Looked like a lovely day.

    My favourite bit....that cake! :)

    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. What a lovely post! I get what you mean by feeling peaceful after a National Trust visit, I went to Rudyard Kipling's Bateman's Estate the other day (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/batemans/), definitely worth a visit too!

    Dutchy x


  5. Ah thanks! Il just check out your suggestion now! See how close it is to me. x