Peonies and Roses at Columbia Road

Where better to spend a perfect sunny day in London? Amongst the cockneys, peonies and trendies of Columbia Road of course!

There's a few things in life that can make me feel instantly happy! One of them is falling asleep with Lotti on my chest with her nose touching my face, Sunday mornings - period and a gorgeous bunch of flowers. So I meandered through the crowds trying to find me some pretty pink roses.

Mission accomplished after about 5 minutes. I got drawn in by one stalls banter with the customers and compliments to the ladies - well you got to grab compliments where you can sometimes :)

I find the boutiques around Columbia Road so fascinating! The products are so individual and you can pick up some lovely pieces for your home. If you're looking for a unique pressie for anyone you're sure to find one here too. There is garden accessories for your granny to embossed romper suits for the new bambino in your family. Today, however I was finding the crowds a little too much and fancied just relaxing in the sun rather than rumaging inside the shops in the shade!

Lily Vanilli's
This little teashop Lily Vanilli's Bakery epitomises the East end. With its industrial feel for a back drop - steel chairs, chalk boards, wooden benches. To its vintage by gone era accessories. The Vanilli's sign is totally awesome right?! I want one.   

I perched up on a bar and had some chocolate and pomegranate cake with some Peppermint tea taking in the bustling atmosphere. Every place I go to, I always take something away with me, a new idea or touch to add to my own tea shop one day. Lily Vanilli had that friendly smiley vibe I imagine mine to have but mainly the neon sign! Oops I have mentioned that! 

I have had some down time this week - nursing a flu, lack of energy syndrome and indulged in some duvet days so explains why I haven't been blogging to you of late. But I'm back in the world of living and have some pretty good posts coming up. One is of a Ham House trip and wait for it.....The Ritz!!! How excited do you think I am about this on a scale of  1to10? 10 being - jumping in my chair while squealing as I type - kind of excited. A dinner party with my lovely neighbour this week ended up in a club being born - The GATA club; The Grand Afternoon Tea Association. Where better to start than the Ritz - noone could deny a bit of old school glamour from time to time right!?

Better scrub up a little better than I did for today's jaunt. Maybe I should buy a brand new dress. Any outfit idea's for me?

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  1. This looks like such a lovely day and I'm going to have to visit Lily Vanilli's, looks beautiful!

    I'm jealous about your day, I've been unpacking and playing 'house'

    Katie <3

    1. Hate those kind of days! Ive had my fair share of them being little miss nomadic every year of my life so far!

  2. B E A U tiful post! Every woman needs flowers in her life, even if she buys them for herself. And 'SNAPPLE' with the pink roses for our houses this week (check my beaut bunch out in instagram @squibbs62).
    Pretty please when I'm back in London can we have a sunday afternoon teashop trundle (like a Pub Crawl, but for the ladies....) with you being our wonderful guide?
    x x x

  3. Oh my gosh those flowers are just beautiful! :D I'd love to have some of those in my bedroom, they look so stunning and I adore peonies :D xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  4. LOVE Columbia Road and as it's up the road from me I often go on a Sunday but I have never been to Lily Vanilli's but you have inspired me to go next weekend! xx

  5. Love your London pics. In the first pic those are Proteas, my country's national flower.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Oh Columbia Road flower market is just the one! I'm moving nearby next year and I cant wait to have my flat covered in all kinds of plants, herbs and flowers .. I fear greenhouse-chic may be what it will turn into and thats just a nice way of saying its going to look like sleeping beauty's palace 100 years down the line, covered in leaves!

    Love your blog and i'm definitely going to keep checking back from now on! xx