The Ritz

Well, sweeties, I had the pleasure of visiting the most renowned place in London today! I only went and dined at the Ritz!!!! Yep, there was little ole me in the fancy establishment actually finding myself critiquing the tea and sandwhiches! Shows I am visiting a lot of tearooms nowadays if I'm doing this at the Ritz! 

Well, here's my photos and opinions for all they're worth...

Getting ready to The Lighthouse Family - made me even more excited for the trip. How amazing are the Lighthouse family by the way - I had totally forgot about them until the other day. If you do one thing tomorrow listen to this in the sun! 

I usually hate it when the taxi's late - but today - who cares! Beautiful day to stand around taking some snaps with Anne. Anne is my neighbour by the way, who is the youngest bubbliest 87 year old going. The only difference between her and me is a number. She is so caring too and has this personality that I wish I had! On the journey as we chatted she said something that hit a chord with me. She said - If you want it, get it and don't ever regret it girl. Now this might seem like bad advice to some sensible folk out there, but me, I am an expert in convincing myself I deserve a treat so instantly nodded and grinned feeling a tad bit relieved after all the people in my life chanting ISA or STOP spending at me. Yesterday I needed that hot chocolate and croissant as it's a Friday and I need a pick me up at the end of the week. Last week, I was having a duvet day so needed to buy a million magazines. When in reality I don't need half of the things I purchase! But like Anne said, who cares! I couldn't agree more. 

I went for a rose tea and tucked into the selection of sandwiches. The nice thing about the Ritz is they are not stingey with their sandwiches. They just kept coming, and coming! Smocked salmon was my favourite. They are quite plain and traditional but this was ok with me. I'd rather not max out before I got to the cakes.

The chocolate cake was so rich and dark. It was loved by all and by far my favourite part of the tea. This was then followed by a trifle  and lemon drizzle cake! Total over load of puddings but we couldn't resist - the lemon drizzle was scrummy and sweet on the outside, a little on the dry side inside but still goooood. I wasn't a fan of the trifle but I must have been wrong as Anne and Francesca was up in arms protesting its the best they'd tried. 

After a few hours of fine dining we reluctantly left the premises and hopped in a taxi back to Waterloo. The journey passed Big Ben and Westminster Abbey - nice! I tried to get some good pics as we whizzed by them but may have failed there.

Unwilling to call it a night I relaxed with some wine at home. It was no good though. My stomach was about to pop and my pj bottoms was all I could think about. It was such a fun day and if your planning a hen do/special birthday I'd consider the Ritz as your venue for a memorable indulgent experience! Or if you just wanted to get your man in a suit and tie to drool over...? Suits are compulsory at the Ritz you know.

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Your elegant outfit, the delicious food, the old buildings, the grand decor, the commentary :D
    It must have been such a treat to go there, and I'm so happy to hear that it lived up to it's expectations. Must add it to my list now on your recommendation!!
    x x x

  2. Oh Lottie this post has made me smile!
    Thank you for telling us Anne's wise words of wisdom, they came just at the right time! She seems like such a lovely lady! Absolutely stunning tea at the Ritz, we went two years ago for my grandmother's 80th, best cream tea ever!
    You look lovely my dear :)
    Emily xx

    1. It's going to be hard to beat I reckon for grandeur/elegance! X

  3. What a lovely day you had! The Ritz is so grand and beautiful. And your Nan speaks sense I reckon! Enjoy yourself! Of course it's good to be sensible and not leave yourself in the lurch but you have to enjoy each day as no one knows what's round the corner. That's what I try and do anyway.

    Great photos, I love the way you set it all out. Works really well :)

    Can't wait for our afternoon tea meet up :)

    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. True! I am in a stage of my life where I am just living day by day - best way really! X

  4. Aww, your blog is LOVELY. And that's coming from someone who has to look at blogs all the live long day for work. Keep up the good work. I'll be following :) xxx

    1. Ah thank you Sally! That's really nice to hear! Your blog is everything I love to read about! You're like me - but a pro! So glad you added me. X

  5. Ohh I'm dying to go here, looks so classy! Had a browse through your blog and its lovely.
    Would love you to have a peek at my blog: