Lotti Loves Rita

Its my Auntie Rita's birthday tomorrow, June 13th, and I am wishing her a lovely day. She has been more than family, she has been my best friend my whole entire life. Always there to offer the most encouraging advice and motivation. There is very rarely a person that can lift your spirits and brighten your mood when you are so severely in the dumps. But she can somehow do that for me! Whatever the problem she has a solution that gets me back on my feet again. That's pretty special to me. 

She is so sweet and has a heart of gold! She has always spoilt me and my sister rotten over our birthdays but I seem to remember the little treats more. Like how she always had yum yums and milkshakes at the ready for our visits and how she writes little cards to me with little anecdotes about life of late, which means the world to me. How special I feel when I see a card on the doormat with the familiar handwriting.  

Rita, thank you for your support and always believing in me. You truely are a special person. Have an ace day.

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