Richmond in the sun

Shockingly I sat on the green this weekend with the sun rays beaming down on me and my ice cream! Danieli you rock! The flavours are so interesting and definitely the closest I've seen to the icecream shops in Rome. See, even the little running boy agrees! You should try the lemon one which has marmalade and orange in too. 

Walks along the Thames to the boathouse pub. Copious amounts of white wine in the sun with great company was like feeding my soul. 

Apparently the London commute is a pain but not mine! :) Lucky for the lush views on the way to work this week!

Sun, keep shining. Muchos gracias.

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  1. Looks like you've been having such good weather this week and you've been out and about making the most of it :)
    SUCH a lovely commute x x

  2. Great pics, the weather looks lovely your side. Cape Town has been dreary with the last warm days showing its face now and then.