After Paris..

Here are a few random pics of the last week before the move. I had some thinking time over in Richmond Hill Bakery. This place needs its own blog title as its very cute and friendly. Its in such a lovely area that you often can catch a famous face pass by. This time I sat across the way from John Hannah who I absolutely love in the Mummy and Sliding doors so was ace to hear his amazing scottish accent for real ordering a coffee!  Played and played with my baby girl who seems to be drugged up by string. Spent some time blogging on my new Vaio and bought another bunch of daffs to bring Spring inside on the grey days. 

Still dreaming about Paris it seems too! The endless cafes and boutiques was my own personal dose of therapy! It doesn't look like it but I am close to tears in the last picture. The dresses I found and had to put back down killed me a little bit more each time I did so. One day I will have a spend up in Paris but for now I am happy to just admire (drool).

I am also a little bit obsessed with my new scarf so you might be seeing a lot of it! It's a fantastic colour don't you agree? Mint green with touches of pinks and blue. If you want it head over to Reiss. Sometimes its worth paying that little bit extra to have a quality item you're proud of showing off! 

What have you been splashing out on? Any bargains out there I should know about? 

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  1. Lovely pics! You've made me want to go out & get some roses now. I blog on a Vaio too. Love it =) xx

  2. Ive just bought it and cant believe ive been using my old one for 5 yrs now. Ive been missing out for sure x