New shooooooes

I bought these a week or so ago and they haven't made it outside their shoe box yet. Criminal! They are from Boden as you can see and are definitely worth a mention as they are the kind of shoe that makes you feel special, like you've made an effort but without being too much. I like. 

Ok, officially have the best housemate! I was just about to throw some old pumps out, as the pompom had fallen off too many years ago, when she suddenly grabbed them and headed to the loft! 

A few hours later she emerged with an extravagant bow with some of the old gems sewed on! Don't they look gorge? I thought I was creative last night when I hammered a few nails into my wardrobe to display my bags....

Moving away from shoe talk. I bought these Cyber Jammies (as well as two more!) this week and they are my brand! Totally my brand. The material is so soft of these pink petal ones and I advice you to purchase a pair of cyber jammies asap! Be honest - your pj's could do with an update!? Mine was at that stage and now I have 3 new pairs. For the quality it's an absolute steal!

On a final mad cat lady note, for those of you out there that have a feline friend whom you love with all your heart, then you should feed her Lily's kitchen. I was very happy to see Waitrose now stocks this brand ( at a pleasing introductory price ) as I used to trek to the vets to grab her this tasty but healthy treat for her!

What's your new purchases? Anything you think I would like?

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  1. Lol this post is so you. Why would it make me cringe??? Because you shop at waitrose? ;) Lotti is getting big! x

  2. No because of what you said in your blog! On blogging about trivial stuff! :/ Not waitrose lol! Lotti is getting big grownup cat now as she's over a year x