Babycakes - a coffee break

|When the lovely Ingrid from work suggested a coffee break at a new cafe in her area, Sheen, it didnt take much persuasion to go! Especially when she told me the name - Babycakes. Cute. I was expecting lots and lots of pink and white girly furniture but was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with muted greys and a flash of neon. I straight away decided I liked it despite the cafe mainly geared up for a yummy mummy hang out (child friendly menu and the vast space between tables for prams!). We agreed we were lucky that no crying babies were present throughout our visit and enjoyed the natter while sharing a slab of cake. 

This place was definitely worth the visit and feel quite jealous of this being my friends local cafe. I mean for starters, the red velvet cake was made with chocolate! Babycakes, you are a winner in my eyes. 

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