Le Chandelier - Dulwich

Le Chandelier - an enchanting and elaborate retreat in the middle of a less enchanting elaborate setting. When a friend told me to get my bootie down to Le Chandelier in East Dulwich as it's sooo me, I thought I would take her advice! I am a very good listener, that's my problem. 

I was overwhelmed by row upon row of dream red brick abodes some people call home! 

However, the road where this little beauty sits on isn't the prettiest around the area but should not put you off ladies and gents! As soon as you open the door you are struck with the most ornate display of chandeliers and cake stands showing off mouthwatering puddings! 

Take a look at my pics. They do not give the place justice in my eyes. 

Blue Sapphire Earl grey was very zingy! 

Moroccan feel to the place added colour against the creams and whimsical feel of the place. 

I was surprisingly on my best behaviour and ordered a salad. Why you ask? Well take a look. It was by far the nicest salad and should be at the grand total of £9.50. It was crayfish, avocado, mango and some creamy type dressing. To me I gained just as much pleasure out of eating this fresh salad as a chocolate brownie! We learn new things everyday, and all that. 

After this rendezvous, it was just a sunbathe outside the picture gallery. We did have plans to go inside until we fathomed it would be a waste of the afternoon sun! Next time maybe...

Well this an enjoyable day. I can see myself coming back some time. Perhaps in Autumn to see the leafy tree lined streets. Oh, and to the gem on Lordship lane that has opened up my eyes to the world of interesting salads!

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  1. Love the hearts on your collar :)

  2. love all these pictures - i miss london more and more each day.
    i'm your newest follower on gfc. hope you follow me back xx
    love from across the pond, www.vicariousLA.com