Blue skies

Oh happy days! I am a true Brit, as soon as I feel the slightest sliver of a sun ray I am out there. I don't care what important plans I have, it all has to be dropped. So instead of catching up on a multitude of things that have piled on top of my desk, to do list pad, surfaces... etc. I have opted for a few chilled out mooching days in the sunshine. 


 Here's a few pics of the walk me and P had along the river from Richmond to Isleworth yesterday. Any stress we had lurking around from the busy week finally left us.

The old part of Isleworth is beautiful. We mustered up a plan to buy some oldy worldy cottage there one day but our rightmove app crushed that dream!

After all that walking we needed a big glass of coke so headed to the cosy pub in St Margaret's.

Blue skies have cheered me up no end. How about you? What did you do this weekend? 

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  1. Oooh flares! Looks like a lovely day out :) Now I'm craving a glass of coke x