This is my first blogging weekend so I thought it made perfect sense to blog about a few of my fav places to visit in Richmond -my new stomping ground. I had grand plans of showing you a lot more than what I have but the weather was so, so grey and wet I had to take refuge back home by 2pm! Blooming spring, where are you already!? Plus, there was only a limit to how many times we could say 'my bones hurt it's so cold'!

This is one of my fav spots to sit and watch the park from above. Usually packed with joggers and people taking their dogs for a walk but we had it all to ourselves for a peaceful 20 minutes. That's how grim today was, as even the snow didn't put the mad joggers off!

The next stop from here is a place called the Hollyhock. It's this cute little gem of a cafe, hidden away in Jubilee gardens. I think of it as a secret place but it's always packed full of locals at any time of day. I love it here because of the beauty that surrounds it and of course ...the cake! 

Beetroot cake with butter icing you would die for!

After warming up and a quick read of the paper it was time to brave the cold again. We didn't mind stopping to admire the view once more.

A quick detour into town to grab some lunch which we had dreamed up on our way.

Richmond has a farmer's market every Saturday, which I really recommend if you're close by. There is a stall that sells thee best chocolate brownies!
This time the baker had orange and cinnamon! Heaven personified. 

If you ever visit Richmond, promise me you will visit this fromagerie. I am a big fan of cheese, but generally stick to cheeses close to cheddar but this place has got me into all sorts of cheeses. Today we bought some creamy goats cheese to make up a huge cheese and chorizo baguette to feast on! Was YUM-MY.

2013 hasn't exactly started off with a bang for me, what with a lack of funds after a ridiculously expensive Christmas but I am beginning to enjoy a little hibernation and the home comforts in life. 

What have you been doing since it has turned 2013? Have you got any thrifty ideas on how to enjoy the start of the year with limited funds? 

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