Glittery millionaires

Okay, I may have burnt the base a teeny bit and poured my centre of caramel on when it was tad bit runny, but in my defence, everyone has wolfed them down while reenacting a scene from 'when Harry met Sally' before me! It's a recipe from one of my favourite bakers - Harry Eastwood. The only thing I added was the glitter...

397g tin of condensed milk
100g unsalted butter (melted)
3 tbsp golden syrup
300g digestive biscuits
pinch of sea salt
150g very dark chocolate

*     Preheat oven to 180°C

*   Line the base of 22cm square by 5cm deep brownie tin with baking paper.

*   Cover the tin of condensed milk in a deep pan of boiling water for an hour ( no less or it will result in my runny pale caramel!).

*     While the caramel is doing its own thing make your biscuit base. Put the butter and golden syrup in a little heatproof dish to melt in the oven as you smash up the digestive biscuits. I used a large sandwhich bag and rolling bin to crush them into a sand like texture.

*  Poor in your melted butter and syrup and crushed biscuits into a mixing bowl and, well, mix together.

*   Tip the mixture into your prepared brownie tin. Use your fingers to push down so the base is firm.

*   Place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes but make sure you take it out once nice and golden! Best to keep checking at this stage.

*  After the caramel has been boiling for an hour carefully take the lid off with a can opener. Pour into a bowl so you can mix with the salt. I was lazy and tried to mix in the salt while still in the can.

*    Pour on top of biscuit base.

*    Now place in the fridge for 30 minutes so the base sets.

*   Meanwhile melt the broken chocolate in a bowl resting on a pan of boiling water.

*    Pour melted chocolate on top of cold/set caramel.

*    Place in the fridge to set for another 30 minutes.

*   Remove from fridge, cut into cute squares and voila you can finally enjoy!

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  1. oooh, these look so lovely!
    I love these posts, they give me lots of ideas for my 'skill' which is baking that I'm doing for my d of e award.
    Lovely blog love, I look forward to seeing more posts from you!

    - Michelle xo

  2. These look amazing, and the recipe seems quite simple! I'm definitely going to give these a go( although I'm not sure they'll stay around long enough to get any photos of them!)

  3. They actually are! I say with complete surprise as I am mainly a disaster in the kitchen unless heavily supervised :) Its quite easy but just takes your time so next eve you have free give it a go! Send me the pics too X

  4. These look so tasty! I've been toying with the idea of making glittery iced buns, the glitter just adds that special something doesn't it? xx