Dreamy weekend

Where did the weekend go?! Is it just me, or did this weekend absolutely fly by? It was such a sleepy dreamy weekend this one. P and I wandered around London taking in the moody grey scenes as we went by. I suppose the fact that we visited a few museums and galleries, squeezing in vino tasting in between added to the dreamy trance feeling we've been in. 

Konditor and Cook Fix

I had to start the weekend off with a rich and creamy hot chocolate from K&C. This time I treated myself to one of their magic squares with a quote close to my heart ;). Then it was a hop skip and a jump over to the OXO Tower to visit an exhibition on the Tsumami. Not the best way to start the weekend; in tears. But it was a shocking reminder on how lucky we are to be just dossing around with not a care in the world.  


It was so cold walking along embankment that we took refuge in the Tate for an hour. We admired their 'Dream and Poetry' gallery displaying some Picasso pieces but not being big on modern art we had to laugh at some of their strange poo like sculptures.

This was one of my favourites. I am a lover of grey and white so really appreciated Dorothea Tanning's version of a dream world. I found a website about her here so have been oooing and aaahing at her beautiful paintings.

 We always spend more time in gift shops than looking at the main event!

Oxo Tower Bar

On our way back to Waterloo P remembered that the Oxo tower had a fancy bar with great views over the Thames. So a few minutes later we were relaxing with glass of Bordeaux and erm a few cocktails! I definitely recommend a visit for anyone visiting the Tate/St Pauls/National gallery.  

Pretty entrance decor.

Cute independent shops at Gabriel's Wharf

Very mature...


Finally got myself a window seat in the award winning Italian restaurant next to Richmond station called Rustica! It's always packed so it was about time I gave it a go myself. Maybe it was because I had built up this romantic joint in my head but the pizza was average I am afraid to say. If you're happy with bread, cheese, parma ham and not much else then you'll be fine! But I like my pizza to be oozing with flavoursome garlic!

Well that was my Saturday, a bit of a pub crawl really as we ended up at the Duke after that! All part of the sight seeing ;)

Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

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  1. Yeah It was a very relaxing day!

  2. OMG I went their with my friend named P as well! How funny :) It looks like you guys got to spend a lot more time there than I did. I will definitely check out that bar when I am back in London, it looks really cool! :)

    1. The restaurant looked quite swanky.ill be swinging by as soon as I can too! X

    2. The restaurant looked quite swanky.ill be swinging by as soon as I can too! X

  3. Oooh you look so cute and the pictures are lovely!
    - Katarina xxx

  4. Beautiful photos!


  5. I absolutely love your blog! I've been enjoying reading all your posts as I'm taking my boyfriend to London during the summer and you've been giving me lots of ideas on places we should go! xxx

  6. loved this post! makes me wish i was there! xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

  7. I miss London so, so much! I hope I can visit it again soon.