Thinking of you X

Happy St Paddy's day to you all! Hope you have had a grande time today :)

Today I raised a pint (half!) of Guinness up to my Grandad looking over us from heaven. 

It's his birthday today so I have been thinking about him all day. I made his favourite lunch today too. Hot hot boiling hot tea straight from the kettle with pork pie and smokey bacon crisps! When he looked after me in the summer hols he would always get me to make him this...every day :) I added a cream egg though for good measure. 

Always in my heart Grandad Murphy. I will always remember you and how you always waved goodbye to me from your doorstop until I was out of sight. I wish I could have known you for longer. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your grandad and happy st patrick day!! lovely pictures.

    I'm hosting a giveaway

    1. Will enter as so could do with some sexy specs x

  2. This post was lovely, Happy birthday to your grandad x