Bea's of Bloomsbury - Movie night

The other night. P and I had the most awesome movie experience! I have always wanted to visit the cake shop called Bea's of Bloomsbury and while I was perusing their website I came across their pop up movie nights. I was sold by the following words 'American style Chilli Cheese Dogs, Jalapeno Chilli ,and Mushroom Mac'n'Cheese all to the sounds and sights of the classic themes of yester year'. Then I saw the old movie poster for Footloose and ran for my purse. 

We queued up for one of Bea's peanut butter cupcakes and chocolate brownie with some diet coke. Fancy cupcake and diet coke only works when watching films under railway arches I suppose! 

It was an odd mix of a railway industrial type of vibe with a mix of a girly tearoom atmosphere. Yes P was the only male, which he managed to use to his advantage by making me pinky swear to let him watch football while supplying him with copious amounts of food/beer at the weekend. I agreed of course and smiled sweetly. He has the memory of a goldfish. 

I think I may have squealed when the famous beat of Footloose started to play! 

Got to love the cringyness (think I just made up a word!) of this film. It's so bad, in a did he really just do that , it makes it sooo good. The whole lot of us burst into laughter on many occasions with Kevin Bacons bizarre camp dancing moves! 

If you're from London or planning a trip soon check out Bea's movie pop ups coming soon throughout March and April. I am so up for a Grease movie night under the tracks again. If you do go, bring cash for food and lots of and lots of layers :). 

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  1. I've never heard of Bea's of Bloombsbury but it sounds amazing! I'm gonna have to check it out :) Thanks for posting :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

    1. Yeah you should! Be nice when the weather warms up. I have to be honest though, the cupcakes look prettier than they tasted! X

  2. Hey, thanks for joing my blog hop :) I absolutely love your blog and I'm your newest follower <3
    Laura x

  3. I really love your blog, your design is amazing!
    Great post, i love footloose :))
    - Katarina xxx

    1. Thanks! Its still in transition at the mo! X hoping to have it tip top by easter x

  4. Should we do prior booking to enter here?