Konditor and Cook

Wow, I have actually gone and found thee best place to drink hot chocolate! Believe me when I say this, I have had plenty of mugs of hot chocolate from so many lush cafĂ©'s but this has to be my favourite place. Not too far from Waterloo, or in my case very far as P made me take the lead on the direction front this time. I think he found it rather amusing as I got my London A to Z out and lead us on a merry go round, but hey ho I got us there! It's on a cute little street which reminded me of the 1970's. Especially as it's residents clearly did too with their retro cars!

Anyway, back to the hot chocolate, it was creamy and actually tasted like warm melted expensive milk chocolate! Gorge! We opted for a caramel topped brownie to save for later and headed on our way out to embankment for a stroll. It's our last month of scrimping so we had a look out for free things to do in the next few weeks and put down the Tate and National gallery on the list for when we had more time next weekend.

Konditor and Cook has now opened many more shops but the original one that I visited in Waterloo is just a pop in a and take out shop so no place to sit down. The streets are really cute around so it's not a punishment! 

I think I'm going back next week for these heart chocolates :) They look delish. 

I hope one of my lovely readers gets to visit K&C at some point as that would make me very happy indeed! 

Hope you have had a fab weekend like I have. I have been at my little cousins Christening all day and will post on some photos soon! He is so so cute and has hair and eyelashes that actually make me envious. But now, I need to cleanse my make up off and crawl into my bed for some beauty sleep! Nighty night.

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