Baby cupcakes

I made these little cupcakes for my baby cousin William. Well, not quite for him, but in celebration of him turning one over Easter! I had seen this cake decorators a year ago in an antiques centre of all places and have kept them safe for his first birthday.

They are dead easy to make. I took inspiration from a pin on my Pinterest board which you can find here but replaced the flour for rice flour as it makes them taste a bit fluffier. 

I haven't got that flirty Nigella look when baking. I need to work on that.

 They reminded me of my lunch box treat as a kid - Iced gems. I haven't seen these in years! Are they still around?

William watched us as we enjoyed one with a nice cuppa! He was more interested in rolling around on the floor though! So funny!

Love you to death Wills. Happy first birthday!

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